Along with the cemetery markers and cremation urns, we also carry caskets in steel and solid wood. We can deliver the same day in most cases to the funeral home of your preference at no extra charge. Let us help you put your mind at ease during this difficult time and help you make the best decision to memorialize your loved one.

Caskets at Miami Monument Company

roses on top of funeral casketChoosing a casket can seem like an intimidating task. We want to assure you that you have options – whether you are pre-planning for yourself or choosing for a loved one, a casket selection is a special decision that should express your feelings. We recommend choosing a casket that reflects the personality and taste of your loved one. Caskets are often viewed as a final tribute to a loved one’s life. We understand your needs and we will work tirelessly to help you make a decision.

Choosing a Casket 

Oftentimes, caskets are as personal as a funeral itself. The most important thing to remember is to take your time when choosing a casket, and there are no wrong decisions when considering styles or materials. Our 10 years of experience in the funeral service industry has allowed us to make the best partnerships with quality casket manufacturers – we are proud to provide the best to our customers.

Casket Materials

We carry caskets in steel and solid wood. Both materials have their advantages. Some prefer metal caskets for their durability, color variety, and finishes available. Some prefer the natural look and feel of a wooden casket and prefer the warm aesthetic that wood provides. Our caskets offer the best – graceful curves, exceptional finishes, and durability to last a lifetime. 

Casket Sizes

At Miami Monument Company, we offer 18 gauge and 20 gauge metal caskets. The word gauge refers to the thickness of the metal material used for the casket. The smaller the gauge number, the thicker the casket material. Usually, both 18 and 20 gauge caskets fulfill the same need, and the choice between the two is entirely up to you. Smaller caskets tend to be 18 gauge (more durable), and larger caskets tend to be 20 gauge (lighter in weight). 

Casket Style

We understand that casket style and details are very important to our customers – and we take pride in helping you with stylistic decisions. Details really make the difference and together, and we will make the best choices regarding inner casket material, colors, and level of finish on the outside. Some casket products even allow for personalization with symbols or words. To see all your style options, we highly recommend giving us a visit at our Miami headquarters. 

Choose Miami Monument Company for Your Casket Needs

At Miami Monument Company, we are committed to helping our customers during their times of need. We fully realize that this is a difficult time for our customers. Together, we will meet your needs and wants to honor your loved one, and get you on the path to healing. Get started today by contacting us at [email protected] or giving us a call at (786) 391-3600.


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