Wood Caskets

Wooden caskets are a beautiful way to reflect the deceased’s personality and tastes. We understand that choosing the right wooden casket that reflects the person whose life you are honoring is a monumental task. Our caring staff is ready to assist you in finding the best wooden casket to leave a dignified and respectable tribute to your loved one. Wooden caskets can be divided into two sub-categories: solid wood and wood veneer.

Wooden Caskets at Miami Monument Company

Wooden caskets are one of the most common caskets on the market and are a popular choice for those trying to decide what kind of casket to purchase. Wooden caskets offer a warmth that is sometimes hard to achieve with metal caskets. With wooden caskets, our customers appreciate the beauty of our finest wood types and veneers available. 

Choosing a Wooden Casket

funeral casket in miami ceremonyOur wooden casket collection is chosen carefully, and our 10 years of experience in the funeral industry has allowed us to source caskets that are known for their durability and allure. Wooden caskets offer elegant and elaborate decoration options just like their metal counterparts. We want you to know that just because you purchase a wooden casket, that does not mean you do not have options when it comes to customization.

Wood Types

Wooden caskets come in a variety of wood types. The most common types of wood for caskets are mahogany, maple, pine, walnut, and cherry. We highly recommend that our customers come in and view all wooden casket options at our headquarters in Miami to make the best decision. The chosen wood type is entirely up to you – and the decision is highly subjective. Solid wood caskets and wood veneer caskets tend to look alike and usually have natural wood coloring.

Customization Options

Wooden caskets have their own beautiful graining patterns. The interior material of wooden caskets is typically either crepe or velvet. We can help you decide on wood polish finishes, color, fixtures, linings, and pillows. We offer many options for 

More Eco-Friendly

Because wooden caskets contain no metal or at least a minimal amount, they are generally biodegradable and decompose into the earth as the years go by. This results in less environmental waste left behind – an option that is appealing to a lot of our customers. However you wish to honor your loved one, we are with you every step of the way.


Reach Out to Us For Your Wooden Casket Needs

At Miami Monument Company, we are committed to helping our customers during their times of need. We fully realize that this is a difficult time for our customers. We retain the highest quality control regarding our solid wood and wood veneer caskets, and we strive to provide the best for our customers at the best prices available. We are here for your every need and we will help you achieve this important decision with dignity and grace. Get started today by contacting us at [email protected] or giving us a call at (786) 391-3600.